Sabbatical Renewal Events

††††††††††† This year Linwood Christian Church has been blessed to receive a clergy renewal grant for the Lilly Endowment Clergy Renewal Program provided by Lilly Endowment Inc.This allowed both Pastor Carolyn and the congregation to spend three months to renew and recharge.It has been a period of both apprehension and excitement for both.Carolyn and Claire were able to spend quality time together visiting and discovering the importance of the past.Also, during this period the congregation continued to remember our past from our Centennial celebration last year and discover our thoughts for the future.We culminated this experience with a coming together on October 14th that merged both experiences to form our plans for the future.(Click here to view video of Pastor Carolyn Watkinís report on her Sabbatical experience.)

††††††††††† The Renewal period began on Sunday June 4th and ended on Sunday September 10th.Each Sunday during this renewal had a different visiting pastor in the pulpit.Also, there were three exciting congregational outings to enjoy.

††††††††††† Linwood has been and continues to be in Godís plans for the Eastside.We have experienced events never seen before.We just celebrated our 100th anniversary and entering our first ever sabbatical.With your help and support we will help Carolyn and the congregation recharge and reconnect.