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2017 Our Year of Renewal

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Welcome back Carolyn

Our visiting speakers during the Sabbatical

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Video of 9/3/17 “How Far Will You Go” by Rev. Lynne Kreiger

Audio of 8/27/17 “Changed from the Inside Out” by Miki Mathioudakis

Audio of 8/20/17 “When Chaos Is the Face of the Deep” by Rev. Ronald Allen

Audio of 8/13/17 “Where Prayer Can Take Us” by Rev. Sue Shadburne Call

Audio of 8/6/17   “Shake It Off”   by Rev. Blanche Wright

Audio of 7/30/17  “The Kingdom of God is Like..” by Rev. Luis Gierbolini

Video of 7/23/17 message:  “Being Righteous” by Rev.  Marti Steussy

Video of 7/16/17 message: “The Spendthrift God” by Rev. Bob Riester

Video of 7/9/17 message: “Still Hungry” by Rev. Olivia Bryan Updegrove

Video of 7/2/17 message:  “New World Coming” by Rev. Keith Watkins

Video of 6/25/17 message:  “A Great Cloud of Witnesses” by Rev. Bob Shaw  

Video of 6/18/17 message: “Becoming ‘Small-d’ Deciples” by Rev. Matt Rosine

Video of 6/11/17 “Anthem Sunday“

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Pastor Carolyn Watkins Sabbatical Activity Report

as presented at the Renewal Retreat at Fort Harrison Inn

October 14, 2017

Note: Full video length 45 min.

Dark spaces in video are to reduce dizziness when camera was panned between screen and side of room.