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Linwood Bell Choir

Please Press Play enjoy the Bells recent performance of

Leaning on the Everlasting Arms

The Linwood Christian Bell Choir rehearses each Thursday night a 6:30 pm from September thru May.  Led by Music Director Beth Aubrey Meyer, it is a major contributor to worship at Linwood Christian Church, including a 30 minute prelude to the annual Family Christmas Sing-a-Long.  

The 5 Octaves of Schulmerich English Hand Bells were purchased in stages.  In 1967 the original 3 Octaves were donated in memory of Larry Wilson Hope by Mrs. Freddy Crumpton, a Mrs. Wilson, and Mark Crumpton.  The fourth was purchased by raising funds through a 24-hr Rehearse-a-Thon.  The fifth was donated by Linwood member Zora Albright.  The Bell Choir also adds tonal color to their performance with a three octave Malmark Chime set donated by Ed and Charolett Urban in memory of Char’s parents.  Past Directors of the Bell Choir include Maxine Elliott and Opal Brewer.

The ringers are volunteers, all of whom enjoy the mental challenge of making music and glorifying God as a team effort.


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