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Linwood Christian Church is blessed with a volunteer Choir of that participates in worship services from September through May.  Director Beth Aubrey Meyer rehearses the Choir on Thursday evenings. In the winter the Choir attends a weekend retreat during which they prepare music for the services of Lent and beyond.  Coir members enjoy a special kind of fellowship that is attained by working together to praise our Lord.

During the summer, many choir members volunteer to sing together during worship from the Choir’s extensive collection of sacred and gospel music, much of which is contributed by Linwood members with dedications to loved ones.


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Please scroll down and be blessed by the Choir’s June 4th, 2023  Anthem Sunday which features the Choir’s favorite 2022-2023  Anthems.

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 Many other Linwood Choir Videos are in this website’s Choir Archive:

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