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Linwood Christian Church
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Hours and Information

4424 East Michigan Street
Indianapolis, IN 46201


Sunday Worship @ 10:30 AM
Sunday School @ 9:30 AM
Bible Study:

 Wednesdays @ Noon

Office Hours:

  10:00am - 1:00 pm

  (days vary, please

    call before visiting)

Sunday 9:30 AM - Noon

Food Pantry:

Wednesdays 9am-11:00am

Serves people living between Washington Street and 21st Streets, Rural and Emerson Avenues.

Rummage Room:

Mon - Tues - Wed

10:00 am - 1:00 pm

Thur 5:00-7:30 pm

Upcoming Events

Linwood is a thriving community of faith in part due to these faithful few. Please feel free to connect with any of these persons to learn more about the ministries they facilitate on behalf of our church.

 Our Board Officers:

  Chairperson:  Gary Harding

  Vice Chairperson:  Ron Pastrick

  Treasurer:  Janet Sharp

  Recording Secretary:  April McManus

  Financial Secretary:  Gary Elliott

  Assistant Financial Secretary: Diane Merriman


  Trustees: Beth Meyer

                Rich Sharp

  Church Clerk:  Kathy Shickles

  Historian:  Kathy Shickles

  Librarian:  Joan Woodruff  (with committee)

Board of Elders:  Sherry Elliott (‘21)

Gary Harding (‘21)

April McManus (‘21)

Ron Pastrick (‘21)

Andy Meyer (‘22)

                        Kathy Shickles (‘22)

                        Pat Kerr  (‘23)

                        Vicki Pastrick  (‘23)

Rich Sharp  (‘23)

Lynne Krieger  (‘23)

                        John Jones (Active Emeritus)

Board of Deacons:

                        David Elliott  (‘21)

Sylvia Martin  (‘21)

Jan Sharp  (‘21)

Stephanie Sharp (‘21)

Danielle Elliott  (‘22)

Gary Elliott  (‘22)

Andrew Martin  (‘22)

Kelly Martin  (‘22)

Aaron Harding  (‘23)

Karen Jones  (‘23)

Larry Kerr  (‘23)

Nancy Pottorff  (‘23)

Cindy Truitt  (‘23)

James Woodruff  (‘23)

Joan Woodruff  (‘23)

Board of Deaconesses:

Allison Harding  (‘21)

Betty Frazer   (‘22)

Kathy Harding  (‘22)

Dianne Merriman  (‘22)

Beth Aubrey Meyer  (‘23)

Gayle Stackhouse  (‘23)

Lisa Rhoads  (‘23)

Junion Diaconate:

                        Levi Truitt

                        Shaylee Truitt

                        Shaleah Truitt


  Worship and Fine Arts:  Vicki Pastrick

  Membership and Personnel: Sherry Elliott


  Christian Education and Youth:  Danielle Elliott

  World Outreach:  Kathy Shickles

  Christian Action & Community Service: Larry Kerr

  Stewardship and Finance:  Jennie Schenck

  Property:   David Elliot

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Meet the Board