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Linwood Christian Church
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Hours and Information


4424 East Michigan Street
Indianapolis, IN 46201


Sunday Worship @ 10:30 AM
Sunday School @ 9:30 AM
Bible Study:

 Wednesdays @ Noon

Summer Office Hours:

Monday - 9:00a-Noon

Tuesday - 11:00a-2:00p
Wednesday- 9:00a-Noon

Thursday- 9:00a-Noon

Friday- 9:00a-Noon

Sunday 9:30 AM - Noon

Food Pantry:

Wednesdays 9 AM - Noon.

Serves people living between Washington Street and 21st Streets, Rural and Emerson Avenues.

Rummage Room:

Closed for Summer

Upcoming Events

Recent Linwood Lindys available to download:

(Note: these files require a password to view. Members who don’t know it should contact the church office for the correct password.)

Sept. Birthday and Church Calendar

August Linwood Lindy

July Linwood Lindy

June Linwood Lindy

Recent Linwood News:  (Please click to play.)

Audio of 8/20/17 “When Chaos Is the Face of the Deep” by Rev. Ronald Allen

Audio of 8/13/17 “Where Prayer Can Take Us” by Rev. Sue Shadburne Call

Audio of 8/6/17   “Shake It Off”   by Rev. Blanche Wright

Audio of 7/30/17  “The Kingdom of God is Like..” by Rev. Luis Gierbolini

Video of 7/23/17 message:  “Being Righteous” by Rev.  Marti Steussy

Video of 7/16/17 message: “The Spendthrift God” by Rev. Bob Riester

Video of 7/9/17 message: “Still Hungry” by Rev. Olivia Bryan Updegrove

Video of 7/2/17 message:  “New World Coming” by Rev. Keith Watkins

Video of 6/25/17 message:  “A Great Cloud of Witnesses” by Rev. Bob Shaw  

Video of 6/18/17 message: “Becoming ‘Small-d’ Deciples” by Rev. Matt Rosine

Video of 6/11/17 “Anthem Sunday“

 (Click Event to play audio or video)

Sabbatical Preaching Series

Archive of Significant Lindy News Videos:

Linwood Re-Packs Time Capsule (Sep. 11, 2016)

Linwood Opens Time Capsule (July 10, 2016)

Linwood Renews 100 Year Covenant (June 5, 2016)